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 [spoiler/englisch] Hoo's Hoo of Ga'Hoole

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The Band

Soren: Male Barn Owl (Tyto alba). The second son of Noctus and Merella, Soren was hatched in his familys firtree nest in the Forest Kingdom of Tytp. Before he could fly, Soren was pushed from his nest by his brother, Kuldd, as a part of a disturbing initiation ceremony performed by the pure ones. helpless on the forest floor, Soren was snatched by patrolling owls from St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls. There, he met his best friend, Gylfie, and the two amde a desperate attempt for freedom. Soren, along with the rest of the Band, sought out the Great Ga Hoole Tree. And, indeed, it was Sorens destiny to become a Guardian of Ga Hoole. With his trong gizzard and natural colliering abilities, Soren was tapped for the colliering and weather interpretation chaws. Since then, he has flown many missions and fought in many battles. Most notably he spearheaded the rescue effort of Ezylryb (werde nun immer nur Lyze schreiben), his venerated mentor, from a devious trap set by Kludd and his followers. The following winter, he and Gylfie led a group of owls in an undercover mission to infiltrate St. Aggies. He was also a hero in the Battle of Fire and Ice, when the guardians attacked the pure ones stronghold.

Gylfie: Female Elf Owl (micranthene withneyi). Gylfie is from the Destert Kingdom of Kuneer. At the age of trhee weeks, she made a mistake that thousands of young owlets have made - she tried to fly before she was ready. Like Soren, she was sntached and imprisoned at St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls. Afther she arrived at the tree with the Band, she was tapped for the navigation chaw. Quick witted and resourceful, she proved to begin a great asset to the prestigous elite flighting-and-mission group known as the chaw of Chaws. Her extensive vocabulary makes her the most eloquent speaker of the group.

Tlwilight: Male Great Gray owl (Strix nebulosa): Twilight is a free flier - having borught himself up without the civilizing effects of parents, he is very independent and something of rough character. Hatched in the moments just after the sun dips below the horizon but the darkness has yet to set in, he has the uncanny ability to see in the murky grayness that is tween time. he is a fearless owl who as a good heart and is an invaluable ally in any fight. His fighting skills are equaled only bi his lingual dexterity. he can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Twilight is a member of the search and rescue chaw and the Caw of Chaws. It was he who gave the final death blow to Kludd, sparing his friend Soren from the atrocius act of fratricide.

Digger: Male Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia, formerly Speotyto cuncuarius). Digger is from the Desert Kingdom of Kuneer. he met the rest of the Band when he was wandering alone, lost in the desert after an attack by a St. Aegolius patrol in which his brother was killed. Quiet and contemplative, Digger is the philosopher of the Band. he is a member of the tracking chaw as well as the Chaw of Chaws.

Owls of the Great Ga Hoole Tree

Coryn: Male Barn owl (Tyto Alba). Born on the night of an eclipse, Nyroc was the much awaited son of Nyra and Kludd. From birth he was strictly trained, under Nyra, to become High Tyto, leader of the Pure Ones. however, his destiny was to know the paths of both good and evil, and to choose one. At that choosing, he rejected the evil ways of the Pure Ones and renamed himself Coryn. He went on to retriev the powerful Ember of Hoole from the Northern Kingdoms and claim his place at the Great Ga Hoole Tree as its rightufl king.

Otulissa: Female Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis). Writer, ryb, collier, weathertrix, and consummate scholar, Otullisa is an owl of all trades. She is a direct descendant of the famous weathertrix Strix Emerilla. She has a strong academic bent and is the repository of much knowledge, not all of it useful. She is a loyal friend to those dear to her, and can be lethal in close combat. her learing makes her an essential member of the Chaw of Chaws. She also has played a crucial role in the education of young Coryn.

Martin: Male Northern Saw whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus). As a young student at the great tree, Martin was double chawed with Soren and Otulissa in weather interpretation and colliering. His small stature belies his prowess in battle and on missions. He is a member of the Chaw of Chaws.

Ruby: Female Short eared Owl (asio flammeus). ruby lost her family under mysterious circumstances and was broguth to the Great Ga Hoole Tree at a young age. She is perhapse the best flier of all the owls at the tree, and easily became an expert weather interpreter and collier. She is also a member of the Chaw of Chaws.

Eglantine: Female Barn Owl (Tyto Alba). Soren and Kludds younger sister, Eglantine was brought to the tree during the Great Downing. At the treee, she was reunited with Soren and Mrs. Plithiver. As she was recovering, she came under the maling influence of Ginger, a refugee from the Pure Ones, and ebcame shattered. In a courageous attempt to save the tree from danger, she stole, but then accidentally borke, Nyras first egg.

Primrose: Female Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium californicum). Primrose was rescued from a forest fire and broguth to the Great Ga Hoole Tree the same night that Soren and the Band arrived. When Eglantine was rescued in the Great Downing, Primrose quickly became her best friend. Though small in sie, she showed great daring and courage as she discovered the reason for Eglantines strange behavior - and saved Eglantine and the Tree.

Boron: (deceased) male Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus, formerly Nyctea scandiaca). Even though many owls referred to Boron as the King of Hoole, he was , in reality, the last steward of the great tree. Boron, along with his mate, Barran, acted as the head of the Hoolian parliament of owls.

Barran: (deceased) female snowy owl (bubo scandiacus, formerly nuctea scandiaca). Often refred to as the Queen of hoole, Barran was a kind and wise leader. She was also a distinguised search and rescue ryb. She, along with Boron, passed away shortly before the arrival of Coryn, the true King.

Lyze: (deceased) Male Whiskered Screen Owl (Megascops trichopsis, formerly Otus trichopsis). Lyze was the wise and intrepid weather interpertation and colliering ryb at the Great Ga Hoole Tree. he was born "Lyze of Kiel". Before coming to the Great Tree, Lyze fought in the War of the Ice Claws in which he was severly retreated in grief form wordly affairs. He sepnt many seasons at the Glauxian Brothers retreat, where he studied weather and colliering extensively, finally leaving to pass on all he had learned to the owls at the great tree. He was Sorens mentor and considered him a son.

Strix Struma: (deceased) Female Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis). the dignified navigation ryb at the Great Ga Hoole Tree, Strix Struma was fierce in battle and led a crack group of githers known as Strumas Strikers. She had a proud and ancient lineage and was wa well respected veteran of the Battle of Little Hoole. She was struck down in the ferocius fighting against the Pure Ones during the Battle of the Siege.

Stylvana: Female Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia, formerly Speotyto cuncularius). Sylvana is the young tracking ryb at the Great Ga Hoole Tree. By all accounts, she is a very good teacher.

Madame Plonk: Female Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus, formerly Nyctea scandiaca). Madame Brunwell Plonk is the elegant singer of the Great Ga Hoole Tree. She comes from a long line of Snowies from the Plonk family who are famous for thieer beautiful voices. She is an owl in thrall of bright geegaws and enjoys the fireies offered by Trader Mags.

Bubo: Male Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus). Bubo is the blacksmith and the metal ryb at the Great Ga Hoole Tree. He is often described as unusually large for a Greate Horned Owl. He has been a great friend and confidant to Soren. His greatest inventions has been the NAST (Nickel Alloy Super Talons)

Other Friendly Owls

Hortens (also known as Mist): Female Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis). Hortense was snatched at an early age from her home in the Kingom of Ambala by a St. Aegolius patrol. At St. Aggies , she attempted to subvert the oppressive system by rescuing and restoring stolen eggs, and aiding Soren and Gylfie in their escape. Soren and Gylfie witnessed what they believed to be her death, but later discovered that she did not die, and is one and the same as the mysterious owl called Mist now living with the eagles Streak and Zan.

The Rogue Smith of Silverveil: (deceased) Female Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus, formerly Nyctea scandiaca). Sister of the very refined madame Plonk., and one of many scattered blacksmiths not attached to any kingdom in the owl world, she lived and worked alone in Silverveil. She became a valuable ally to the Guardians when she provided them with information about the Pure Ones.

Simon: (deceased) Male Brown Fish Owl (Bubo zeylonensis, formely Ketupa zeylonensis). A pilgrim owl of the Glauxian Brothers of the Northern Kingdoms, and sworn to help all those in need, Simon unwittingly nursed Kludd back to health after he was badly injured. An ungrateful and duabolical Kulld then turned on his caregiver and murdedred the kindly Simon.

Cleve of Firthmore: Male Spotted owl (Strix occidentalis). Cleve is a member of the nobel family of Krakor and a stundet of medicine at the Glauxian Brothers retreat in the Northern Kingdoms. Upon metting Cleve, Otulissa felt her gizzard go a twittering. She was quite taken with the dashing, noble Cleve - until she learned he was a pacifist.

Dustytuft: (deceased). Male Greater Sooty Owl (Tyto tenebricosa). Dustytuft, like all Sooties, was a low caste member of the Pure Ones. He bemoaned his fate of always being given the worst, dirtiest chores to do, until he was singled out by Nyra, and chosen to become the special friend of Nyroc, future High Tyto. He learned too late the horrifying purpose of this special friendship that was encouraged by nyra. Dustytuft is also known, by Phillip.

Grimble: (deceased). Male Boreal Owl (aegolius funerus). Grimble was captured as an adult by the St. Aggies patrols. He did not want to cooperate with their oppressive regime, but the leaders of St. Aggies threatened his family with capture - or worse - if he did not lend his considerable muscle and fighting skills to their schemes. he rose to heroism when he aided Soren and Gylfie in their escape by teaching them how to fly.

Twilla: Femal Short eraed Owl (asio flammeus). Once a skog, twilla lost her entire clan during the War of the Ice Claws, and became a Glauxian Sister. She was acting as an attendant for Ifghar when she met Gylfie and Otulissa at the Glauxian Brothers retreat. She rescued Gylfie from kraals in the Nothern Kingdoms when they had captured the Elf Owl to gather information about the Guardians planned invasion of the Pure Ones stronghold.

Gwyndor: Male Masked Owl (Tyto novaehollandiae). Gwyndor was a Rogue Smith summoned by the Pure Ones for the Marking ceremony over Kludds bones. Upon metting Nyroc, the wise Rogue Smith suspected the yoiung owl had firesight, and was destined for a future much different than that planned for him by his mother.

Snakes and Other Birds

Mrs. Plithiver: A blind snake, "Mrs. P., " as Soren calls her, was formerly the nest maid for Sorens family. When Soren made the journey to the great tree, he brought Mrs. P. with him. She is now a member of the harp guild there and has attained the rarefield position of sliptween.

Ocatvia: A Kielian snake, Octavia is the nest maid for Madame Plonk , and was for Ezylryb when he was alive. She came to the tree with Ezylryb after the War of the Ice Claws in which she was blinded. She know Ezylryb and his difficult history better than anyone else. She is also a amember of the prestigious harp guild.

Hoke of hoock: A Kielian snake, Hoke of Hock is the retired supreme commander of the stealth unit of the flighting snakes of the Kielian League. He flew with Lil, ezylrybs mate, during the War of the Ice Claws. He proved to be a great ally to the Guardians as they prepared for their invasion of the Pure Ones stronghold.

Trader Mags: Trader Mags is a Magpie and traveling merchant - part tramp, part collector, and all original. She gathers and trades scraps of fabric, bits of broken crockery, crsytals from broken chandeliers, books (whole or in part), bright pieces of stained glass - in short, anything pretty - from the ruins of the mysterious vanished race known only as the Others.

Streak and Zan: Hortense could not have saved all those eggs from St. Aggies had it ot been for the help of a pair of bald eagles named Streak and Zan. After Hortenses fall from the cliffs of St. Aggies, it was Streak who cuahgt her. Her and Zan then nursed her back to health.

Known Enemies

Ifghar: Male Whiskered Screech Owl (megascops trichopsis, formerly Otus trichopis). Ifghar is the younger brother of Ezylryb. During the War of the Ice Claws, he betrayed the Kielian League and become a turnfeather. Ifghar was hounded for his tratorous behavior, and long after his brothers departure was accepted as a refugee at the Glauxian Retreat. he is accompanied by Gragg, a Kielian snake, who is bound in service by loalty to him..
Dewlap: Female Burrowing Owl (Athene cuncularia, formerly Speotyto cunicularius). Once the Ga Hoolology ryb at the Great Ga Hoole Tree, Dewlap had deep respect for the preserve it. Unfortunatley, shw made a traitorous choice that imperield the tree and all the owls in it. Consequently, she was exiled to the Glauxian Sisters retreat.

Leaders of St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls

Skench: (deceased) Female Great Horned owl (Bubo virginianus). Skench was the tyrannical Ablah General of St. Aegolius Academy of Orphaned Owls, a palce where youg owls were moon blinked and trained to ferget their bomes, their families, and their own true selves. She was forced to join forces with the Guardians when St. Aggies was taken over by the Pure ones.

Sproon: (deceased) Male Western Screech Owl (Megascops kennicottii, formerly Otus kennicottiui). Spoorn was the first lieutenant to Skench, and second in command at St. Aggies.

The Pure ones

Kludd: (deceased) Barn owl (Tyto alba). Kludd wasSoren and Eglantines older brother. From birth, he was fascinated by power and was soon attacted to a group calling themselves the Pure ones. The Pure Ones believed that Barn Owls were a superior species of owls, and that barn owls had been granted by nature the right to rule, tyrannically, over all the other species of owls. he was killed by Twilight in a fierce fight during the Guardians invasion of the Pure Ones stronghold.

Nyra: Barn Owl (Tyto alba). Nyra was Kludds mate. After Kludds death, she took control of the Pure Ones and imparted her viciousness to all her followers. She is the mother of Nyroc / Coryn, whom she intended to groom into the perfect Pure One, a new High Tyto. But her son proved to be a poor stundent of evil. Coryn recently revealed that he suspects his mother is a hgsfiend.

Worthmore: Barn Owl (Tyto alba). Worthmore is a Pure Guard lieutenant. He follows orders no matter how foul.

Stryker: barn Owl (Tyto alba). Stryker is a Pure One lieutenant major under Nyra.

Uglamore: (deceased) Barn Owl (Tyto alba). Uglamore was a Pure Guard sub lietenant serving under Nyra. he was not always confortable following her orders and silently questined the principle of Tyto superiority. His doubts led him into a strange and dangerous territory, and to a destiny far nobler than any he could have imagined.

~ By Otulissa, a guardian of the great tree (with the most essential guidance of kathryn haung)

Guardians of Ga Hoole, A Guide Book to the Great Tree

Michael Weinberger / Developer

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[spoiler/englisch] Hoo's Hoo of Ga'Hoole
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